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The story focuses on a perverted Provisional Irish Republican Army’s (P.I.R.A.) Hero, Thomas Collins, acting as if he is a reincarnation of the legendary Celtic hero, King Arthur. And all of his moves are watched by the U.S. intelligence, run by General Remiscu. Thomas has developed the most fatal bio weapon with the help of his wife, Irene who is a Druid magician. With his ambition of ruling the world, he is threatening world peace, specifically in England and Israel. Nevertheless, the perverted hero, Thomas Collins, is also prophesized as a warrior for the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jews who are against Zionism of the State of Israel; Later, the Haredi and Thomas move to Kashmir, following their prophet Yuz Asaf's (=Issa, Isha, Jesus Christ) messages, to build a new Jewish kingdom there and retrieve the Excalibur of King Arthur, in accordance with the Prophecy. In the end, Thomas Collins, a reincarnation of King Arthur fights against the U.S. general Kevin Remiscu who is also an old friend of Thomas Collins', seeking for the invincible power of the Holy Grail, reserved in a lake near Kashmir.

[ Prologue ]

This novel was written based on given historical facts and religious theories. However, it was purely reconstructed with author's fictional and imaginative reconstructions although the maximum efforts were made not to make fundamental distortion of any historical facts and religious truths. (Readers can check the factual bases and references by clicking each number of the notes on a computer, a mobile device, and an e-reader. You can comeback to the story by clicking each number on the notes.) Nevertheless, readers' discretion is advised if you have biased views or deep trauma on the following topics and fictional treatment of them:

 - Irish Independence Movement
 - Independence Movement of Palestine (Gaza and West Bank Area)
 - Criticism on Zionism regarding the State of Israel
 - Supportive Views of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism
 - Jesus' Survival after Crucifixion
 - Historical Jesus including his life in India and Kashmir
 - Fictional Reconstruction and Criticism on Religious and Mythical Heroism
 - Fictional Reconstruction and Criticism on Dogmas of Various Religions
 - Story of Reincarnation, Rebirth, and Karma with Mythical Complexity

 Main Characters ]

 Thomas Collins: Provisional I.R.A. general, an old friend of Kevin Remiscu/ Reincarnation of King Arthur
 General Kevin Remiscu: The commander of USASOC, a friend of Thomas Collins as well as the ultimate opponent to Collins/ Reincarnation of Sir Galahad
 Irene Collins (Shannare): Wife of Thomas Collins, bio-chemist & Druid magician/ Reincarnation of Lady of the Lake (Viviane)
 Colonel Chuck Gevald: U.S. officer, planted with a chip of General Collins's memory and identity
 Rabbi Yisroel Freund: Haredi (Neturei Karta) Rabbi working against Israeli Zionism
 Prophet Yuz Asaf: An ancient Jewish prophet. Also named, Yeshua, Issa, Isha
 Dr. Tom Beckel – U.S. Neuro-scientist
 Dr. Brendan Morris - Wicked scientist, the core member of the cult, Heaven's Gate
 Bill Aaron : US Secretary of Defense (civilian)
 John Powers: US Minister of Department of State, known as Luciferian Zionist
 General Martin: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 
 General James A. Raymond: Vice Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff 

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II. Journey to the Spirit Island: To be Published, 2013​
The story begins with a weekly magazine reporter in Boston, U.S., named Nathan Samuel, who always creates the most detailed and mysterious in-depth styles of reports. Those days, there were so many forms of eschatological phenomena like more meteors falling to the earth, more frequent earthquakes, and increasing psychosis, paranoia and dementia occurring in patients. After he deeply researched about the phenomena, he concluded the current symptoms were related to a conspiracy of Aliens' invading the earth, which was connected to the worldwide top politicians and entrepreneurs. After the chief editor was angry with his reports, he was sent to Washington as a correspondent at the White House; however, he paid more attention his own research at the Library of Congress, and found his old classmate Tom Johnston's master thesis, under the title of "Semi-Gods, the Ancient Evidences and the Historical Emergences". The thesis informs people about some ancient immortal human beings appearing even in modern times, and communicating with human beings with their own psychic techniques. Nathan started his research about the followers of the semi-gods and he made a huge report. Even after he went back to Boston, he couldn't focus on his own job, reporting real incidents rather than mysteries. Mean while, he became to experience a super alien creature, called himself, Azur-O and threatened Nathan. Also, both of his parents were killed by an unknown car accident. Because he was traumatized, Nathan resigned his job and decided to leave for a place called, 'Spirit Island', where his younger brother was missing when he was young. On his way to Spirit Island, he got a call as he usually received tips from mysterious incidents about Big Foot's showing up in a cave near Philadelphia, which was chock full of clear evidence. He decided to search for Big Foot instead of having his break. Meanwhile, his friend, Michelle left for a research trip about 'Sprit Island', the actual name was 'the Graves', and she was missing, she left with a letter to Nathan.
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